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I am immensely awed by the notion of spacetime. The discovery of gravitational waves blew my mind. I love journeys. I have crossed the Atlantic from a cruising altitude of 36,000 feet, and that's the closest I have been with the sky. I have also felt the wet smell of the earth, on a blood moon night. I love the sound the Hawaiian waves make on the shores. I like biking. The shorebirds of California thrill me. I had a crush on Bryan Adams once. I am in love with films. My first snow picture is an all-white bicycle and a bench. I love pink hair and high-heels. You won't catch me wearing either.

I think, I write. I also read what you write.
Sustainable Silicon Valley

Community Choice Energy: Bay Area Initiatives

The astronomical boom of real estate prices in the Bay Area shows no signs of plummeting while companies continue to build sprawling corporate campuses. These trends could change the landscape for communities, businesses, and residents, resulting in greater energy consumption. Hence, this post focuses on Community Choice Energy (CCE), an emerging structure in renewables, and how it works.
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Why dancing to a different iTunes should be Apple’s mantra now — “i” for India

Amid concerns over young India going ballistic on the idea of nationalism, and the Tim Cook led company battling the Wall Street Bull, Apple Inc. is aiming to shoot for the world’s fastest growing major economy, in that it could turn it into a bastion, probably bigger than China, now that the latter seem saturated with the biggest market share outside the United States.

Amazing stories of women who chose the canvas to fight life’s odds — Older adults rediscover life…

The old woman had her gaze focused from behind the thick frame of her glasses. She had a color palette and a set of brushes in front of her, mixing colors to paint a clear blue sky she woke up to this morning.
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How I loved the Mexican boys once — Meandering through central Mexico (Unabridged)

Mexico. A country I have always been fascinated with. My earliest memory of anything remotely “Mexico” can be traced back to the days I was growing up in India — the FIFA World Cup that used to get us all belligerent once in four years. I still remember the way all four of us (my parents and sister) ganged up to root for the Mexican boys. We never whined even when the matches rolled well past midnight.
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Meandering Through Mexico (Abridged)

Mexico. A country I have always been fascinated with. My earliest memory of anything remotely “Mexico” can be traced back to the days I was growing up in India—the FIFA World Cup that used to get us all heated up once every four years. I still remember the way all four of us (my parents and sister, and I) rooted passionately for our soccer playing Mexican boys. It often didn’t matter when the matches rolled well past midnight.

Where is your job taking you?

James Altucher is no stranger to the world of blogging, startups, and entrepreneurial innovation. In one of his posts, he talks about gaming the system: When he was younger, he couldn’t last more than two to three days at a job before plotting an exit route. He would figure out how to build from his current job so he could either have an even better job, make more money, or start his own business.
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Why I constantly fall in and out of love with my Apple Watch

I still had not recovered from the heartbreak of losing a sporty Michael Kors watch, a special present from my husband. It disappeared from our sight one fine day. I have been mourning the loss ever since. Wait…until rumors of the Apple Watch started doing the rounds. Yes, I am a chronic watch patient. It’s been with me now, since the last Thanksgiving.
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The curious case of running

Long starched roads. Acrobatic signals. Zipping cars. Colored tracks. Fancy jackets. Dipping temperature. Frosted panes. Winds of change. Sunny glow. Smell of coffee. Buzzing alarm. And the detangling of the arms! That’s the kind of image my husband wakes up to every morning; flush with an indefatigable zest to run along parched winter streets.
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Let there be light on dark streets

(Image courtesy: Mark Bridger/Solent News) It so happens that every Wednesday evening our gastric systems send us reminders. If this leaves you wondering about our organic functions, let me state right in the beginning that we are not battling any biological disorders, rather a very common syndrome; epicurean cravings. Figuratively speaking, it is during these times that my husband’s well-earned Dr. prefix comes to our rescue!

East meets West in L.A.

Having lived in Kolkata for the greater part of my life, I see no reason why I wouldn't carry glimpses of my hometown in my optical sockets! My myopic vision corroborates this visual allegiance nearly corresponding to my roots. In this piece I would like to acknowledge two demographically distinct cities, connected uncannily; for the Angelenos and Kolkatans alike, this might come as a finding of some sort.
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