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I am immensely awed by the notion of spacetime. The discovery of gravitational waves blew my mind. I love journeys. I have crossed the Atlantic from a cruising altitude of 36,000 feet, and that's the closest I have been with the sky. I have also felt the wet smell of the earth, on a blood moon night. I love the sound the Hawaiian waves make on the shores. I like biking. The shorebirds of California thrill me. I had a crush on Bryan Adams once. I am in love with films. My first snow picture is an all-white bicycle and a bench. I love pink hair and high-heels. You won't catch me wearing either.

I think, I write. I also read what you write.
Sustainable Silicon Valley

Can floating solar panels be an alternative to conventional mountings?

Floating solar, commonly known as “floatovoltaics,” typically involves installing solar panels on pontoons that rest on the surface of a water body. Solar energy is the cleanest and the most abundant renewable energy source available, and the U.S. has some of the richest solar resources in the world, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. With renewables set to revolutionize the energy industry, the U.S. solar market faces both challenges and opportunities.
Conversations for Good

Why Feedback is an Essential Part of Job Search

Rejection — the most dreaded word in a job applicant’s dictionary. When Paul, a marketing professional between jobs, did not hear back again from his prospective employer, he knew the best he could do was move on. But without feedback, he felt stuck. He knew he was making the same mistakes and wanted to hear the truth — no matter how ugly — so he could adjust his strategy. Recent studies have shown that more than 70% of American companies do not give any feedback to unsuccessful job applicants
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